Over 200 companies work with our platform, including international publishers, government departments and business intelligence organisations. Due to the confidential nature of much of our work, we can’t yet disclose exactly who our clients are or what precisely we do for them.

We don’t discriminate based on existing tech stack. Some of our clients have fully fledged data science teams who we work alongside, while others rely on manual curation.

Here’s a little bit of a sneak peak into how we work:


Meet with a new client and discuss their news-sourcing or content curation needs.


Hand-code one or more newsfeeds that pull all the articles that matches the brief. This could be insight into investment opportunities in Tanzania, or news about attacks on oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz.


Monitor and edit the feed in-house, using every false positive as training data for our AI algorithm. This ensures that the feed keeps getting more and more accurate over time.


Analyse the articles and their metadata using our enriched entity search. Deploying cutting-edge graph technology, different keywords can be combined and explored in depth. For instance, how have mentions of North Korea increased in the last few years? How often were Trump and Putin mentioned in the same article pre-2016?


Deliver results and insight depending on the client’s needs in a manner convenient to them. This could be via an API call, a curated email or access to our own “Gentle Reader” interface.

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