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There is too much content being written online. Some of it is useful, while the rest just fills pixels and weighs down websites. The problem is that before we read a piece, most of us cannot tell into which of those two categories it might fall. Business leaders and other decision-makers just don’t have the time to sift through it all themselves. If they are going to read anything, they want to be sure that it is something good. Expert curation is one of the ways to fend off that over-saturation.

The Browser is one such curation company that we really respect. Using the carefully considered insight of a handful of editorial experts, it sieves through the maelstrom of digital publishing to find articles that are truly worth reading. It has thousands of paid subscribers, each one of whom genuinely values The Browser’s editorial taste. As a company, it proves that manual curation is a service that can generate revenue.

The other way of avoiding being submerged by overwhelming amounts of content is by using technology like signal.FISH. It’s worth stating that these two methods are far from mutually exclusive—In fact the editors at The Browser use signal.FISH to quickly read through articles in a clutter-free environment. Additionally, by working closely with The Browser’s editors we have begun to automate the first steps of their curation process. Every article that goes into each Browser edition is still hand-picked, but some of those pieces are originally suggested by an artificial intelligence algorithm that has learned from their previous selections. This means that editors like Robert Cottrell, the Founder of The Browser, can be exposed to brilliant pieces on new topics from publications they wouldn’t have otherwise been reading. The result is that the content spread on The Browser is ever expanding. By smartly applying signal.FISH’s machine leaning, The Browser can actively avoid becoming an echo chamber that merely reverberates its curators’ own interests. 

Today, we are announcing that we want to open up some of the power of the signal.FISH platform to existing Browser subscribers. One of our key offerings is what we like to call “Deep Search”. This product allows our customers to research terms, individuals, events and ideas throughout our vast archive of written material. If a newspaper, magazine or digital publication has covered what you’re looking for, then Deep Search will be able to dig it up for you. On top of this effective news search mechanism, we have added in our incredibly powerful translation tool. This means that articles from overseas that include your search term will also come up, translated into English. The Deep Search interface also allows you to limit your search by publication date or to only those articles published in a particular language.

Normally, this service is part of our premium paid subscription, enjoyed by dozens of companies including international publishers, government departments and leading business intelligence organisations. But now, we are also opening it up to subscribers of The Browser so that they can delve deep into years of expert curation.

Indeed, it is the first time that the archives of The Browser have ever been made fully searchable. This means that you can explore a decade’s worth of excellent writing, enjoying the most enjoyable literary fascinations and cultural controversies of the last few years. 

As well as uncovering a true feast of reading material, you can also Deep Search The Browser in order to uncover fascinating, unknown associations. How many articles of note were being written about leaving the EU before 2016? Who was talking about Russia and Trump? The signal.FISH Deep Search is like a precious metal detector for the curious researcher and its full capabilities are now available to some of the world’s most devoted readers. 

To explore The Browser’s archives, just log on to on your desktop, click the search symbol and then select the little illustration of a Giraffe in order to focus your searches.  Tutorial Video

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