PRESS RELEASE: AI-Powered Search and Business Intelligence: Gentle Reader Rebrands as signal.FISH

Popular reading app evolves into a media analysis service that helps clients stay on top of a global news cycle.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 24, 2019 / For years, Gentle Reader has been one of the most downloaded news apps in the UK Mac App Store, but the technologists behind the service are now upgrading the platform so that it can also cater to the business intelligence market.

Boasting a database of millions of articles from verified and reputable sources, signal.FISH aims to become the definitive platform for media monitoring and trend forecasting. The research tool will allow clients to find and analyse articles from around the world in a single, clutter-free and privacy-conscious environment. signal.FISH’s insights can also be accessed via API.

The company can now offer artificial intelligence-powered search and analysis capabilities so that its clients can make better sense of the global news cycle. Offering real-time translation across over 100 languages as well as the ability to combine and track search terms over time, signal.FISH already counts a major international publisher, a UK government department and several intelligence agencies amongst its clients.

Jeremy Davies, CEO of signal.FISH, says: “Decision-makers can feel like they do not come across relevant news until it is too late. At the same time, they can feel overwhelmed by the amount of content being published. We want to solve those two problems.”

Jean-Eloi Lombard, COO says: “signal.FISH is different because it delivers deeper searches and ranks results uniquely for each client. Our algorithms learn from each individual account. We also do not track our clients’ activity or sell their data. This means that we can offer everything that an in-house data science team might, only at a fraction of the cost. Our clients will never find themselves stuck in someone else’s echo chamber.”

Robert Cottrell, Head of Content and former Moscow Bureau Chief for the FT and the Economist says: “By doing all of my reading and research in one place I can read far more widely and far more deeply. The experience of reading foreign publications in English is extraordinary. I realise now how little I knew of the world.”

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